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Welcome ^_^


              Welcome To The Kawaii Klub

                                                           This Club Includes:

                               •Other Awsome Clubs You Might Like







                                •FUN ☺

How To Join???

 All You Have To Do Is Visit


 Join And Make An Account

Visit The_Girl_In_Blue_'s Profile

And Comment Saying You Want To Join    

And Thats All ^^

Thanks So Much

Have Fun



•Remeber To Watch How You Say Thing On This Site If I Or Anyone Catches You You'll Be In Trouble!!!

•You Need To Have Fun And Be Happy

And Ummmm......Thats About All

Oh And Please No Stealing



     •We Making I.D.s For Everyone So Look For Yours

     •Everyone Will Have 50 Kawaii Koins To Buy Things For Your Pet In Your Animal Box At The Kawaii-Mart


    •New Jobs At The Job Corner

    •New Contest's

    •New Members

    •New Graphics Too

                                        Have Fun ^^

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